Saturday, February 14, 2009

I need a break!!!

While I enjoyed today's crop., I feel very sad too... I've missed the chance to join CH & Sol to Taiwan for a holiday in March :(

I seriously long for a break, ever since I joined the company 1.5yrs ago, I hardly had a chance. no, should be NEVER have a chance to go for a break. Very unluckily, most time when I wanted to do so, it's either the slot is taken or I did not managed to get the leave approval in time and missed the chance.

Applying 1 day leave to go for my gastric consultation is so difficult (time slot is often b/w 12pm - 1pm, nether here or there, hard to take time off) ; let alone 1 week for holiday. The worst thing you cannot confirm the trip until you get the approval from all your fellow colleague's approval. So, if you ever get a promotion tour package, you can't proceed with booking, coz even though most often your fellow colleague will likely approve your leave, you wont know what your boss will come up with...

xxx is going for biz trip, you can't go... Internal Audit, you can't go... this is the type of rubbish I faced when applying for leave for my gastric consultation. Until the day I got supper pissed off and showed a black face, I was called into the room for a lecture! Say why didn't I consider taking time off instead of 1 day leave! In the 1st place, when you disapprove my leave application, have you ever propose me with the option? Also, do you think I prefer not to the time off my medical consultation, I could have saved my leave for better purposes! My consultation slot got postpone so many times, and often for months coz it's really super hard to get the slot until I surrender and totally stop the consultation.

I guess, I will need to throw in my letter then I will be able to go for a holiday with much peace and stress free from all these stupid nonsense. With the bad economy, should I make this step? Mom & Dad is discouraging, for fear I will have difficulty in getting a new job... but this impulse to quit is really getting stronger and stronger...

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