Saturday, December 27, 2008

Singlehood Vs Marriagehood

Once reached 30s, people surrounding you will start asking, are you attached? If yes, when are you planning into marriage? This is especially true for the gals...

Is it a crime not getting married when you are already in your 30s? We all know that globally, there are less men than women, and with overseas competition, it's becoming more and more difficult for the single ladies to get an ideal male partner, especially if you are a plain Jane. As we all are aware, most guys looked out for appearance vs character, which has been proven and reconfirmed each year when the statistic board came up with their survey result with those in singlehood.

Gals, love to be loved too, be it the most career minded women that I've known, will come a time, wish to settle down with someone she loves. But when will this someone appears? At her most vulnerable times, she will yearn for a shoulder to lean on... She will envy friends who are having a happy family and hope to get rid of her single hood soon.

But for friends who are in a marriage, they will say, they envy us, the singles. We have the freedom to act according to our hearts. They always need to think twice before making any decision for fear of the impact on their other half. They will reminisce the good old days when they get to save a lot, but after marriage, their savings simply goes to the house utilities bills, household bills, child education & child enrichment courses, etc... They will envy the singles who can just go for a tour without worries, while they can't simply leave their children behind. But if the whole family were to go on a tour, that will be additional expenses and the budget can only allow them to go to nearby countries.

So, is being single or being married better? I would say there will be pros & cons. As much as I love the idea of setting up my own family some day, I do not wish to settle down for the sake of getting married. Getting married is a lifetime commitment, I need to make sure he's the one that I wanted to spend my life with... however, sometimes, even if you think he is the one, this may not be the truth... Life is simply contradicting! So friends, what are your thoughts?

This reminds me a quote from a story by Ajahn Brahm "Poor me, lucky them":
It is precisely the same for single people who envy those who are married, and the married people who envy those who are single. As we all should know by now, when we get married, we are only exchanging "single-person's suffering" for "married-person's suffering."Then when we get divorced, we are only exchanging "married-person's suffering" for "single-person's suffering." Poor me, lucky them.

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  1. totally agree with u.... lie is contradicting.. u read sumiko tan's article today... agree with her totally.