Tuesday, December 2, 2008

HaPpY BiRthDaY to Ya, Mama!

Today's Mama's Big day. Am supposed stressed...

Have some hiccups on the coordination and I'm dead stressed. Coz if Zzz not joining us, will head for Jumbo Waterfront instead of Jumbo Riverside, but been waiting for Zzz's call but it never came. Finally got Zzz and immediate make a booking for a table of 6 as Zzz can't make it. Shortly after booking made, sis informed that dad is delayed by his work and I rushed off to change the dinner time slot.

Super busy with my work and trying my best to finish as much as I can, then I rushed off to buy a last minute present which I already had in mind but no time to make the purchase. The sky is not in favour for me and it's raining cats and dogs, got myself drenched even though I've got an umbrella.

Finally got to Bugis SK and got a pearl pendant which the salesgirl, Cheryl, recommended. She's got great taste and good recommendation, the pendant is something simple yet elegant and reasonably priced. Then I rushed off to cold storage to get a mini bouquet of rose for mom on behalf of dad, something cheap and decent. And notty me, despite mom's numerous reminder not to buy cake, I proceed with that. What's a birthday celebration without a birthday cake? Moreover, today is her 60th birthday!

Tata, finally reached Jumbo waterfront after a long long queue at Parco Bugis Taxi Stand! Timing is quite nice, I reached only 15mins after the rest arrived the restaurant. Get daddy to present the mini bouquet of rose to Mom and Didi & Ho thought it's their anniversary. The whole thing is planned by me, inviting these special guests beforehand then I advise to my family on the dinner arrangement.

But Ho, is very alert and with super great memory, she vaguely remember mom's birthday is somewhere around this timing only then we reveal it's mom's birthday today. We had a great time over the dinner with a few simple dishes. and after dinner we had a stroll along the bridge connecting Coasta Rhu Condominium & the waterfront. The only regret is probably Bro & Zzz can't join us for dinner. Bro is on a last min mission to bring the tour group to Malacca, but luckily he did remember to send mom a Happy Birthday Greetings.

Can see that mom has really enjoyed today and glad that my efforts paid off. Whatever stress that I've gone through the day is all thrown aside upon seeing mam's wide grin on the face.... Oh yes, thanks Didi & Ho for coming over in the noon, mama really enjoyed your accompany.

Photos to be posted later... the Zzz monster is coming over me, have been super lethargic recently with the increasing work load & stress...

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