Monday, December 15, 2008

Asking for the hand publicly?

Last Sat Nite when chit-chatting with Ning over MSN, she shared with me a proposal story her guy friend who proposed to his girlfriend in a dance event. While her other friends think that this is terribly romantic, Ning find it embarrassing if she were the female lead role. Then she asked my views on it.

First thought, the guy is romantic. Second thought, the guy must be courageous and confident enough to propose in the public. Why I say this? To propose in the public, the guy must be confident enough that he will succeed. If not, he must be courageous enough to face the rejection and embarrassment.

Also, the guy must poised the question at the right timing, else it will only place the gal in a difficult spot. To reject on the spot cause the guy embarrassment, however, if she's not ready yet and she nodded her head, she may back out any moment, causing more hurt feelings. And should she accept the proposal because of the peer pressure, the marriage may not last. Even if with the correct person, the timing still plays an important role!

I wouldn't ask for such "romantic-ness" unless the timing is correct when both are ready to go to the next phrase of life... but sometimes even both factors are available, the thing will still not go through, as life is unpredictable...

Tell me more about romantic proposal stories, I would love to hear them... I have heard a nos of them and left a deep impression... Ask me about the stories? I'll share to you next time...

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