Monday, November 24, 2008


歌曲:求婚(Song Title: Proposal)
歌手:赵咏华 (Singer: Zhao Yong Hua)
作曲:姚若龙 (Composed By: Yao Ruo Long)
作词:李正帆 (Lyrics By: Li Zhen Fan)

you say you've a cute little dog, which always complain of you not knowing how to take care of it

& say, you have a beautiful kitchen, which never smell of fragrance of home cooked dishes

I do not cry, laugh, nod my head nor shake my head

seeing you perspire like rain

waiting you to state a hundred reasons for proposal

to measure the weightage of me in your heart

You say you will simply spend every cent on hand, and you really need some one to take care of
your fianance

& say, your friends will always bully you because of your foolishness, and you really need an intelligent partner to help you avoid falling into the trap

I do not cry, laugh, nod my head nor shake my head

pretending that what you've said is yet to move me

I insisted on a hundred reasons for the proposal

who ask you to make me wait so long for this day to come

You say, lying on your broad shoulder, will definitely feel the warmth and get sound in sleep

& say, despite your poor memory, you shall never forget anything instruction from your wife



This is another classic song of Zhao Yong Hua, the lyrics is a bit cheeky and brings out the difference of men vs. women. Most times, man's mind will overrule their head; of which, woman, usually is the oppposite. That's why most time, man love to propose on a very practical ground while woman long for a romantic proposal. This, I strongly agree! Some friends have shared how their other half proposed on the ground to buy a flat for building a home of their own, while they wished for a more romantic proposal, despite knowing the fact that building a home means it's time to look for roof above them. Why some gals long for a romantic proposal, is not only it's a precious memory of their love journey but also help the gals fulfil their vanity (getting friends envy over the proposal story).

I've always resisted the idea that a guy propose on the basis of having the need to get a flat, preparing for their marriage. The actual reason of proposal is because you need to get a flat, or, because you love me & hope to grow old together? Even if deep down in my heart, I know the reason; I would still very impractically yearn for my future partner to proposal romantically... Yup, this is WOMAN! Woman = sensational animal. To woman, the proposal is equally important as the wedding, and this is one rare occasion for them to act wilful and become most "impractical". Even for the most practical woman, they most probably yearn the same, don't you think so?

Pls pardon me for my poor translation, this simple translation is for the benefit of visitors who have difficulty in reading & understanding my chinese blog post.

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