Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Nov To Do List

1. Sort out the bills for Stamp Desire Sprees / Studio Calico Sprees
2. Make a Birthday card for the sweetie whose Birthday coming soon...
3. Register/collect special gift from MWL & LP
4. Getting prepared for the coming crop session
5. Get my Xmas card ready for the Xmas Card Swap
6. Make full use of the UOB Ladies Card previleges - Visit California Fitness twice in Nov!
7. Plan a surprise Birthday for someone special... (hmm... wonder I can do it or not, I'm most lousy at planning a surprise)
8. Attend "Album inside Album" class in LP
9. Collect my Zutter bought from the TSL Lelong Session
10. Post all the overdue blog photos/posts! I've got some much to post & share but am slacking...
11. Plan ahead for my Beloved whose birthday coming in Dec! Wanna find nice cake and restaurant to celebrate her great 60yrs old birthday!

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