Thursday, November 20, 2008

Listen to my heart?

Recently, I've been facing this dilemma again...

Should I listen to my heart and proceed with what I've been wanting to do all this while? This is been my dream since young and I've always been hesitating to make the very first real step... "Fear" is the word, "uncertainty" is the word, & "courage" is something I lack of... I fear for the uncertainty for making this decision, as I lack the courage to face the reality should I fail. However, 华英雄ever mentioned in one of the gathering when the few of us are talking about this topic, it's only when you give up something, then you will be willing to strive for the other thing which you wanna pursue and will by all means, make it happen! This I know, deep in my heart, especially with previous experience. But I still fear...

Although I'm single, me too have many commitments and concerns. My parents are aging without any insurance & CPF. Dad is growing old and probably need to retire soon without much savings. Mom is with many sickness and at the risk of having stroke striking any moment... Although I recognised the fact that money is not everything, but I can't deny the importance of money.

With the increasing living standard, inflation and medical charges, $$$ will be of a big concern in the near future. I do have some savings for rainy days, but these savings will not be sufficient to sustain living for long run should dad retired / mom fall sick again.

I wanna get out of the rat race... I know the way there but I dare not face the uncertainty... Recently, I've been receiving messages to go for it, but I'm unwilling just let go and follow my heart, as this will mean zero payout to my one whole year effect. I'm still struggling... Should I listen to my heart and head for it? Should I? Should I not?

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