Just Random Rattling...

Today is supposed to be a happy day for me...

I managed to complete a LO in less than an hour, which is a feat for me. As lazy scrapper like me, can take hours and even years to complete a LO :P

Went to Laines and get to make a lovely Xmas Make & Tag, will post this later... coz I decided to make some adjustment in the alighment to make it look better.

After the Make & Take, we had a lucky dip and woo hoo, I managed to get the coupon with 2 items @ 40% off. And best of it, after I made my purchases, I managed to get another lucky dip coupon with 2 items @ 40% off.

However, later part of the day, bad news just keep rolling. Went to the Swatch group to change my Tissot watch battery, however, the price is really scary, one battery @ $36! As mine is a 2-faced watch, this means I need to pay $72 for the batteries alone, which is 1/6 of the original watch value, this is almost absurb! So now I hold on to the battery changing... :(

I also get to know that today will be last day of my best pal in work, this really sadden and dampen my spirits. I hate to feel lonesome & helpless in work, no more Khaki to share my thoughts/complaints nor joke around... And worst of all, she is the "victim" of "retrenchment" which we both deeply feel that this is simply bullshit from the management as all this while they don't see eye to eye in each other. That there will be headcount freeze, and our US counterpart will be taking back some of the responsbilities for the remaining CS. How true is this? We shall see!

Just logged into company web mail, there is another 200 emails in my inbox, can you imagine this morning I just cleared 200 emails? Although most are FYI and need no actions, but I spent almost an hr just doing the sorting and scan through the emails... I have no wish to action on the emails as anyway Monday will be the day!

Coming Monday shall be the beginning of my toughest/darkest period in work. To hell to thee!!! Wish me good luck!


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