Saturday, November 29, 2008


I've received this special inviation, which I need to provide a short profile and a photography of myself. However to my horror, I couldn't find any recent photo of me alone! What happened? I've long lost the feeling of being the object of photography... All these while, I have been taking photographs of others /foods / interesting sights or objects, but not myself. That's why, when I scrap, I hardly scrap myself, I'll scrap about my friends' kids, any if any of myself, you will see that these photos are most likely taken years back...

Profile of myself? I'm just a simple person who loves to think complicatedly. Isn't this contradicting? Yes, indeed I am! Not only that I'm a typical Gemini who is of 2-sided characters - introvert at most times but can be as crazy, noisy @ times; I'm also a very contradicting person. While I hope to live simple, I tends to think too far, and much complicated & complex at most times; while I'm a very emotional & sensational person, I can be very practical & sensible @ times and much of an horror to people surrounding me (a war of sense & sensibility).

Hmm, so can I use this short write up as my profile? Hahahaaa...

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  1. come come i take photo for ya...wink..

    Show me the write up when its up ok..