Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dining @ Shokudo

Remember I said I wanna share my dining photos @ Shokudo? There you go...
This is my first vist @ Shokudo, it's operating concept is similar to that of Marche. The only difference is that the food variety sold in Shokudo is, mainly of Japanese style.

It is rather family friendly, with a kiddy corner with toys for the kids to play with...

They even have a cozy corner for parents / guardians to seat around to ensure the kids are in safe guards...

Love the interior deco of the restaurant, simply Japanese... Do you feel like you are now in Tokyo?

The best is, you are spoilt for choices! I'm so full till I've no more space for my favourite -- dessert! And yes, next round I'm gonna try the Japanese Pizza which is highly recommended!

I wanna jio my angels pals & Ong Susu for makan session @ Shokudo, I know they simply love Japanese Food!


  1. if u treat me, i can go also de... :D

  2. Ha you are right... :) yum Yum... we try to meet for a makan session in dec:) Frankly speaking after reading ur blog the last time, I immediately search for Shokudo in google... :P



  3. Yes yes, my dear sis & OSS, let's go there for makan one of these days...