Sunday, August 3, 2008

Stamping Fun

We had much fun in the stamping session at Michelle's house on 2/Aug... We each bring our stamp collections for the stamping session. Each and everyone have great collections that we wowed at, especially Felicia's collection, which make everyone of us drooled...

Above photo features Ciska, Feli, Me, Michelle, Mei Fong (Madeline) & Irene. (Photo by Courtesy of Celeste, Michelle's daughter)

And Look how much fun we have crowding around the table, each at one station stamping images. Even Michelle's daughter, Celeste, is having so much fun with the stamping!

Above photo features Me, Ciska, Feli, Celeste & Irene. (Photo by courtesy of Michelle)

This is what I've gotten from my 1.5hrs of stamping session, mind you, I've not even touched 1/10 of the stamps available!

After the stamping session, I'm very motivated to get my stamps organised with the pocket folders that I've bought just before the stamping session! Getting my stamps organised in these pocket folders will ease my next stamping session!

You may have wonder if these pre-stamped images will be put into good use or will just be kept in my folder to collect dust. Do not doubt the purpose of the stamping session, I've put some of these stamped images into good use almost immediately for my ATC making as below. Are you able to spot these imagines from the stamp sheets displayed above?

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  1. oh my gosh! Look at all those stamps..I'm drooling...!!! Hmm..have always wanted to have a peek at Felicia's stamp collection :D!!!