Friday, August 8, 2008

In search of...

It's been quite some time since I last catch up with Cyn & Dor. Together with MF, we met up at Orchard. Went to Su Korean Cuisine for dinner and we shopped around Far East Plaza after dinner. After some time, we decided that it's time to rest our tired feets.

We decided to settle at my favourite drinking outlet - Coffee Beans at Wheellock. The blur young cashier gal actually undercharged my credit card by S$39.60. I wanted to top up my coffee bean card by $40, but she charged me $0.40 instead!!! I wouldn't deny the evil in me try to persuade me to keep mum about this, but the little angel tell me the poor gal may need to fork out the $$$ to top up the differences. I honestly feedback and she was damn shocked to realised her big mistake. It took me a while to get this resolved and finally managed to settle down for my black forest.

And what a small world, Shirely happened to be around with her kids and times really flies, her kids have all grown so much taller and I believe they almost can't recognised me after so many years.

While we are chatting happily, just somehow, i have a premonition, I search my sling bag, ransacking every corner of it, and to my fear, my Renoma coin cum key pouch is lost! This is meant to be a happy gathering when we are supposed to have a good time over the coffee / mocha. However, we ended the drinking session hastily and went back to Far East Plaza in search of my pouch. The pouch did not consist of much money, but what matters to me is the pouch is a present from my beloved friends cum ex-colleague from Panasonic. And the fact that my house key & mail box are gone, these are rather cumbersome.

I left my contact my with the secuirty, but frankly speaking, I guess chances are slim. On the other hand, I'm trying very hard to persuade myself in practicing the LAW of ATTRACTION. OK, I need to convince myself the good will attract the good... Oh God, pls let me get back my pouch, it doesn't matter if the $$$ were gone, what matters to me is the pouch & keys.

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