Sunday, July 20, 2008

Half Year Review...

In the corporate life, it's common to have half yearly review on your work performance. To speak frankly, I simply hate to do such review. It's not about resistance towards criticism / feedback but most often, most comments do not come from the heart. The thought of having to face such hypocrisy with a smile is something that I dislike.

Having said this, a question suddenly comes to my mind. In the corporate life, we ofen need to review our work performance, if not half yearly, at least once a year. However, how often do we review our life / goals / resolutions?

Frankly speaking, the answer for me, is almost NEVER! I would say that I do have have reflections at times, but serious review is probably a never in the past. Today, I think it would be nice to do some reviews on my resolution to see how far have I gone...

1. To have a total makeover... (this is not so much on my physical appearance, but rather on
other aspects)
- To have a new haircut to start afresh. -- half done. Rebonding my hair, but I think I need a new hair cut!- To improve on my EQ (in terms of better control in my temper, emotions). -- half done, I feel it's better, but there's still room for improvement- To stay as positive as possible and learn to be more optimistic. -- reading & believing in the law of attractions do help me to stay more positive but am I more optimistic? I guess not...
2. To read at least one book every 1-2 months. -- half done coz I read one books everything 2-3 months. If include educational magazine like reader's digest, I think yes, I did it!3. To attend more scrapbooking classes and crop sessions to improve on my scrapbooking skills
and techniques. -- Yes! Attended classes at Laines, monthly crop at Changi Simei CC, participated in challenges & swap!
4. To spend more time with my family. -- Hmm... how to say le? I'm do stay at home most often but I guess I need to spend more time interracting & bonding with my family members.5. To excercise more and make it an effort to go to California Fitness twice a mth utilising my
UOB Lady's Card previliges, burning off fats, stay healthier & more agile. MF, don't forget
to ask me along when you go to California Fitness!!! -- Failed! Have not been working out in the gym, although I do make an effort to walk home from the interchange at times but not often enough.6. Cutting down on snacks & chips!!! -- I would still consider this as failed. coz although I do cut down on the frequency but sometimes when the crave comes, it just go beyond control!!!7. Polish up on my photography skills. -- I do snap pretty many photos, not sure if I've improved much but was glad that a restuarant manager asked for a copy of the photos that I snapped from the food they served.
8. To stay focus on one thing at a time, rather than many things at a time... -- Still a long way to go! Stay FOCUSed!!! This is something I really need to work on

Ok, having done the review, I have clearly see which area I need to work on. Friends. pls help me along the way to stay focus and keep going to work on these resolutions. Pls feel free to droip a comment to suggest / feedback what I need to improve on and how can I improve. Thanks a million!

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