Friday, April 18, 2008

Busy Life...

Life has been busy for me recently that's why I've not been blogging for the past 2-3weeks.

Have been busy with the sale in the various scrapbooking forums to sell off some of the scrapbook stash, packing the stash to mail out to buyers, doing meetups to pass the stash & distributing kits to partners-to-crime who have subscribed to Calico Studio Kits together, & adding new stash through buying from the forums' sale section, LSS (Local Scrapbooking Store) & buying offline from a local online store...

Just buying the stash do not do my wallet justice, so I'm also busying participating in more crop sessions, swap progams & even challenges though I knew I barely had the chance to win the challenge at all. Just trying my best to enjoying process from the agony of brainstorming to the contenment of having completed the LO (layout). Will post my works later as I'm pretty lazy & tired... Probably after this Sat's crop session?

Have been busying with backing up colleague's work while she's offsite training & busy with catching up backlogs in my work as I'm slow :( & now I'm trying hard to accession webmail & remote access to our company ERP systems but to no avail. Is this simply my luck or what? Shucks! I hate it!!! Think it's time for me to go to bed & try to wake up tmr morning real early to complete my work. Nitez to all...

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  1. Take care of your health too at the same time. I been busy struggling with work, tuition and studies too :( Hopefully quickly pass this first module then can date you out. :) Jia You, all the best.