Thursday, March 20, 2008

Yummy Delicious Wu Xiang Guan Chang

Does anyone fancy Wu Xiang Guan Chang? This is a stall which i would highly recommended, in fact, it has been highly recommended by several food programes. I got to know of this stall during my poly days, recommended by the glutton queen, Lina -- Lao Zhong Zhong, which is located at McPherson area (Previously located at Jackie Kopitiam).
Now I have the luxury to eat it everyday as it is located nearby my office, but frankly speaking, I've only eaten once ever since I work in this office. In actualy, I've only eaten thrice so far!

First time, I "da bao" home during my poly days, and 2nd time is with my colleague. And happened that dad is home early today, so I thought of "da bao" home for him to try, which is my third time!

As mentioned in those Food programes, the stall is passed down by the dad to the son and over the years, standard has maintained. And I find it very true as what I've tasted today, is of no difference what I tasted 10yrs+ ago. And till date, they have stilled insisted to do the guan chang by hand.

Actually a piece @ $0.60 - $1.30, or half a guan chang @ $2.00 sound reasonable, but when all in a pack, price can be rather unfriendly to my packet. This pack cost me $8.80. But given the standard, it is pretty worth it!

See the orangy slice of "wu xiang" is actually water chestnut egg, if I'm not wrong, this is supposed to be something traditional and now few stalls sell it. And look at the fried prawn xia bing, in it actually consist the tofu, this is something you don't see it in most stalls as well.

Last but not least, let's talk about their sauce. They do not offer the pinkish sweet sauce. Only chilly sauce available. The taste of the chilly sauce is actually quite sweet, which mom & I guessed that they have mixed some sweet sauce to the chilly sauce. But strange is, the aftertaste of the sweetness is actually followed by super hotness. So, at first taste, you find the chilly sauce sweet to resist, but after a while, you find it extremely hot and burning your tongue!!!

Ask me to rate them, I will give a 9/10. The cleaniness & neatness of the stall which each individual category is placed neatly, is already worth giving high points, and with the yummy taste of the Wu Xiang Guan Chang & the special chilly sauce. I wanna give full marks, but i believe there's always room for improvement so, a 9 points for them!

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