Sunday, March 9, 2008


Have you wonder if I have gone over MIA recently?

Well well, I've been busy since last week. Last Thu & Fri, am busy with the self development training course by the company & we are not "suppose" to bring our hp along with us, so I almost have no time to response to phonecalls or smses. And Fri evening, I was rushing to leave the office with my fellow colleagues & missed out to bring home my hp...

Sat, I've spent almost full day at MWL (Made With Love @ Plaza Singapura), attending my 1st 2 classes of SDU course. I have had much fun learning the foundation and trying out the variety of tools & techniques. Will post the details later, coz me gonna rush with some work in a while's time.

And today, I've been busy packing stuff, getting ready for next round of Yahoo auction listing, hopefully by next week :P & Now, off I go to my work, tata for now & take care my friends. I'm doing fine, just being busy recently... & next week will continue to be busy with my cross training on other accounts. Nitez...

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