Saturday, March 1, 2008

I Feel Good!!!

I feel so good after 1 hr+ of work out @ California Fitness Orchard today. Especially after the work out, the steambath session perks me up!

Dor joined me for the session on today and this is her first visit. She is impressed by the nos. of equipment available & the nos. of people in the gym despite that time is already 8pm+. In fact, she agreed that she felt more motivated to work out with the crowd of people who are striving their very best to get into their best shape in the gym :P

Haha, I gotta admit I was less disciplined during this festive season. Had quite a fair bit of the high calories food, and poor me has gained back the miserably bit of fats that I have managed to loose after much effort. Gotta put my excercise plan & diet plan in place to get back to the momentum...

Hoosh!!! If you can make it, I can make it! Pls cheers for me - 加油!加油!加油!

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