Saturday, March 22, 2008

Good Friday...

So how's your Good Fri? I hope it is good for you. It's definitely for me!

Went out with the Angels & Chen Chen for a gathering, we had our lunch @ the Fisherman Wharf opp the Central. Then we had a great session at the Seattler's Cafe and Chen Chen had a great time, he was so excited that he breathe so hard that we sort of got worried... but great that he enjoyed it. No photos to be posted at this moment as photos are snapped using MF's & Lilian's camera.

Then, off we go for our shopping spree at Central. First stop @ Mitju a shoe boutique located on the first floor has caused me to burn a big hole in my pocket. All in all, I bought 3 pair of shoes @ less than $60 & a hand carrier bag @ $24.90, is waterproof and will the nice workman ship, I considered it reasonable. I quite like the shoes offered by Mitju, it is a savior to people like me who don't really wear high heels, they offered a large flated shoes and shoes with heels less than or around 1 inch which is still acceptable.

Coincidentally, my pair of new bought turquiose shoes matches my new bought bag very well :P

Then I bought this unique T-shirt at one of the boutique which is offering sale. Sale price is $15.00 only. The front is of T-shirt material while the back is like of shirt material which is with baseball shirt stripes. Love the details of the T-shirt with the blings & earrings... Can't recall the boutique's name as I have rejected the plastic carrier to save the earth.

Oops, I bought some Japanese Sesame oil for Salad & Japanese biscuit at the basement as well :P
Then I have my second round of spree on my way home at the Tampines Central. Baleno is having sale and this is what I've got...

A $6 T-shirt with printed kitten & lace sewn over it, meant for casual wear.

4 pairs of Baleno Dedorised Antibaterial Socks @ $2 each which is 50% off usual price. Ready to gear up for more excercising..., hopefully without much further delay!

Total damage for the day is less than $150 including all meals with all the fun & shopping therapy. How can I say that I don't have a good day? keke :P

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  1. Glad to know you have a good weekend. :) Keep it up. I was not so good. Actually quite sick since last week and over the weekend and today MC again. Really old liao and easily get sick. :( Find a day we come out to makan too. My class started 14 April. We come out any day before that ok?