Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Every extra small little step is a step nearer to my goal

Life have been busy for me recently. Work, Auction Listing, Swapping & "Working Out".

Why working out is marked with the inverted commas signs? Well well... I cannot say that I'm really busy working out, but nowadays, I try to walk home from the bus interchange at times... The journey is not too far yet not too near either. It's approx. 20mins of walking, but usually it takes me near 30mins as I will take my own sweet time, popping into Watson / Shop N Save occasionally to see if there's any good deal. At times, I will also pop by to the market place to buy the cheap veggies. One big bunch for 50cts, and 3 bunches for a dollar, isn't this a good deal? Muahaha... Oops! When did I become a "ah soh"?

On my way home, I'll usually on my MP3 which is a gift from my dear sis, listening to the songs that she has downloaded to me, or listen to the MP3 music from my Sony Erisson HP. I was told that slow walk is no work out. In order to really work out, one has to at least do brisk walking for 30mins which is only equivalent to 10mins on the treadmill. Not sure how true is this... however, I personally feel that I making a step by step changes...

Small steps though, but every extra step made, is a step nearer to my goal of achieving a healthier lifestyle... slow it may seem, but I would rather "Wisely and slow. They stumble that run fast." (Quote from William Shakespear - Romeo & Juliet)

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