Sunday, March 16, 2008

Busy Week again

Had a busy weekend again.... Have been staying OT or late at home to work from home for the past 1 week...

Wed - 12/Mar
Dad is sick of the outside food when mom is away for HK/Macau/China trip during the past few days, so I decided to whip up something for dinner. However, when I called him, I realised that he's joining his friends for dinner, I decided to whip up something from what I bought from NTUC earlier coz I'm sick of the idea eating outside food or instant noodle. My all time favourite - baked beans, honey baked ham & eggs (had wanted to cook those half boiled egg that's watery but busy with some other stuff & overcooked it ":P). I love bake beans, sometimes, I can just have a can of bake beans with one fried egg/2sticks of hotdogs as a meal during weekend.

Fri - 14/Mar
Well Well, mom is coming back today so I try to go home earlier to do some clean up. Decided to cook for dinner. This is what I cooked for dad & I, nothing too fantastic but at least edible & not to extend to tasting terrible :P

Then sis & I work hand in hand to do some clean up of the house, she sweeped the floor while I'm supposed to mop the floor after that. Then, came to recall that I've yet worked out my homework for the SDU course... So time for cutting the stripes of paper into cubes of papers & ink the borders. I love inking. See the below for the difference, those paper that are inked had a vintage look... yummy, I love vintage but this is one technique that I've yet able to achieve... & I'm sort of glad to attend the SDU course, learn much & benefitted from it

Sat - 15/Mar
Hmm... Today is my last day of the SDU course and today's class is much relaxing Made with Love (MWL)that we actually ended the class on time... By courtesy from , they actually prepare some dessert specially for us... in celebration of our graduation of the course. Yum Yum...

Not sure of the name of the dessert, but for sure the foamy portion is egg white and beneath the egg white is.... Cereal!!! So healthy & nutritious. Thanks MWL!

Got my stuff from Lia and I simply love the stuff I bought from her!!! (Aiya, forget to take photos. Alas! Now too lazy to take lia... Just make do without it ok?)

After the class, went for dinner & shop around plaza sing with MF. Just before I went home, I decided to turn back to Times Book Store & join as a member ($15 for 2 yrs membership fees with a shopping bag as a welcome gift) & enjoy their 25% off as I suddenly recall that there's a book I wanna buy and I reckon with their special sale for members @ 25%, it is not too bad a discount if I were to buy more English books. Ended up, I walk out of Times with $80+ (including membership fees) poorer, with a richer food for the brain.

Sun - 16/Mar
Went for a KTV session with SL, CH & Zhong Hua Ying Xiong - Sol. Followed by, is tea time @ Secret Recipe with 4 of us sharing the award winning Marble cheesecake & hot favourite Chocolate Banana Cake. SL had Camomile Tea; Master Sol, a Mocha Latte; CH, an ice Blended Mocha & me, a Vanilla Latte (coz I just had Hazelnut Latte yesterday @ MWL which is one of free drink choice :P)

On my way home, I realised that Prints has got a 20-70% for their products, however, even with discount, the stuff are still quite expensive so I walked out of the store empty handed.

Oh yes, just wanna share that I have just bought loads of buttons and these are ready to be listed in my yahoo auctions soon :P Lovely colours, variety of shapes & sizes... Check it out at My Yahoo Auctions

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