Saturday, February 23, 2008

Shopping Mood

Was with great shopping mood yesterday and went shopping in Bugis area and bought a nos. of apparels, keke :P

Bought 4 apparels in exact, with total value of $101.33, this is comparably low compared to most friends' shopping budget, as I'm thrifty by nature & not really willing to splurge on apparels except occasional super high shopping spirits which is seldom. Most often , window shopping is sufficient to make my shopping therapy. Me only willing to spend on watches, music, crafts & my loved ones (that will include my family & friends).A pair of no brand crop jeans @ $13.90, bought at those cheap apparel concept store.

A pair of springleaft short jeans @ $19.00, bought at BHG. Before, was $49.00, after sale $19.00, good buy right? A pair of similar jeans at this fashion will cost around $30+ under the brand C.O.A.X. Short jeans? Are you surprise, haha, this short jeans not so short lah, the usual length of what I wear at home, my thighs are too fat, cannot fit in hot pants style, I know my limits ok?

A blouse from Muji, I used to admire Muji apparel but don't feel like spending coz their apparel are usually on the higher end, usually $69.00 & above. But looking Muji sale at up to 50%, I'm tempted to take a peep & ended up walking out Muji with this simple blouse of acrylic & wool material which is surprisingly below $20.00. Was $39.00, after 50% off - $19.50. Actually has taken a fancy over a new arrival blouse at $49.00, but too bad, my preferred colour do not have the available size in store, hmm... let me think about it, if I still miss the blouse, maybe I should check out the paragon outlet, coz afterall, new arrival do not have discount...
A 2pcs set of blouse from BHG imported Japanese brand apparel, 90ans quatre vin dixans. 2pcs set with 4 matching ways so it's like a 4-in-1 with various style - Japanese Street wear style, Country style & Casual Style. Was $69.00, after 30% off - $48.93. Price is still a bit steep, but is quite worth it, especially the materials are quite comfortable to wear...

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