Monday, February 4, 2008

A R&R Day

Today is a R&R day for me, no busy working on my swapping stuff, just relaxed a bit and catch up the Korean VCD that my mom's friend had lent to us...

Then pick up the missed out items from Sharon and proceed to shopping.

Went to orchard area jalan jalan, as usual, super crowded and it became worse when it started drizzling, starting to feel like sardine packed in the crowd.

Drop by Made with Love (MWL) as well. Surprisingly, today I saw few of ladies patrons, instead, there are crowds of guys in the shop. Hmm... what are they doing there? Some of them went alone, while others had friend to accompany them, busy browsing through the samples showcased in the shop and busying planning on the colour coordinations of the PP (Patterned Papers) & embellishments. Guess they must be busy planning making a Valentine's Day gift for their GF, so sweet of them. Their partners will sure be touched by their sweet guesture, not matter how the end product turn up...

This reminds me of an incident recently, my guy colleague lands into a quarrel with his girlfriend as she has been continuously "complaining" & pestering him for not giving her some hand-made stuff. He told her off by telling her, "you can test my patient, but do not go overboard!" This is too hurting... Girls can actually be very easily contented, not all gals need big 1-carat diamond and luxury car to travel around. A small little sweet surprise, even if it's something not worth much, can easily brighten her day.

So guys, what are you waiting for? The day is near, do come up with some small little surprises, I guess your gal will be touched to hug & kiss you, XOXO.... lol....

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