Monday, February 18, 2008

How's your Valentine?

Hi Friends, how are your Valentine's Day? Hope you had a great day with your loved ones, be it your lover, family or friends...

So, did you receive any gifts for Valentine? Here's what I received on 14th Feb itself...
2 months supply of medicine... and no more further claims for medical bills in Year 2008 :(

But luckily, these came in time to perk my day...

And there should be more on their way to my letterbox :)  These lovely Valentine's Day Cards are from my Swap-Bot Partners.

Hmm, like Lia, I'm guilty of making cards for some of the friends but missed out for the closest group... These are for SL & CH, met up with SL on 15th Feb & had a great chat... Too bad CH had another gathering so she did not turn up.
But, I do love my angel pals... Not in time to make Valentine Card for them, but I've prepare some small gift in advance for their Valentine Gifts... And blur me, missed out to pass Lilian's one to her on 17th Feb, no choice, can only pass her on next gathering...

Oh Shucks, I left out my dearest Ong Susu!!! Hmm... dearie, I'll make up to you ok? But I better hush hush... It is suppose to be a surprise for ya :P

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  1. Ha ha ha...I will pretend I don't know...kek kek... Happy belated Velentine Day. Actually is a normal day for us who has grown up. No special celebration for me actually. Hee...cos $$$ everyway.

    K...we find a day to go Sushi XXX again... miss those desserts... yum yum