Monday, February 25, 2008


Went to a BBQ organized by the few Jurong Spring YEC members on yesterday. It was a small gathering and only after that then I realised, it is also indirectly celebrating for Weilun's house moving.

For the 1st time in life, I ate very little in a BBQ... 1/3 plate of fried beehoon, 1 tou po, 1 BBQ chicken wing, 1 BBQ drunken prawn, 4 sticks of satay, 1 hotdog, and 1-1/3 chocolate banana, 3 melted cheese shitake mushrooms & 4 BBQ marshmallows & 2 mouthful of BBQ sambal seafood.

Did I purposely eat very little, meant to be part of my dieting plan? Or had I lost appetite due to... This, I had no answer...

Anyway, it was a cozy, small gathering, meeting up with a nos. of them whom I've not met for as long as almost 2yrs. Glad that I make my way there to catch up with these friends... :)

Sorry, no photos coz I went for a class earlier and things are bulky so did not bring along my camera.

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