Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Was in the toilet vomiting again earlier… Yucks! I hate it, esp., with the gastric juice vomited out together, the feeling really sucks. I was in the toilet for almost 1/2hr, and kept vomited. I thought, finally, I can vomit out the little bit of stuff that has been stuck in my throat for the past few days, but to my dismay, there are still some final bits… But feeling is much better than previously.

I remember that I used to envy this colleague who has this amazing skill to vomit when she had eaten too much, all she need is to open her mouth and all the stuff will be out. And best of all, the good stuff that she ate, like bird nest and abalone will remain untouched in her gastric, pending for digestion.

But now, I feel that I do not envy at all. For the past 1 week, I have always been disturbed by the gastric juice before I started to vomit. And when I vomited real bad, running nose & tears will come along. And with the stench & aftertaste, this is no fun at all. And I’m definitely of no interest in getting anorexia although nowadays, food is not much of an interest to me, as compared to before. I still eat as normal, just with lesser portion.

I hope, soon, I can get rid of the final bit in my throat and I can be back to normal life style, “God” bless!

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