Friday, January 11, 2008

My First Visit to Changi General Hospital A&E

The throat is not getting any better and I suddenly realised that the uneasiness might not be caused only due to the vomitting, but rather, I may have tablets stuck in my throat mid way as recently I have been feeding on some bigger tablets of medicine which I find difficulty in swallowing. Could it be that it is the medicine that can't get down, causing food unable to channel properly leading to the acid causing all the discomfort? I decide to consult the company doctor for fear that I may require to X-ray my throat. As the doctor can't determine the throat uneasiness is caused by vomitting or really because of having tablet stuck in my throat, she referred me to Changi General Hospital A&E (Accident & Emergency).

The visit @ A&E is real painful and long process. It started off with registration @ counter25 at 8:44pm, then room 15 for a general review of what's happened to me. Then I went to room 8 to be treated by the doc. I was asked to go to room 29 for an x-ray session on my throat and before going back to room 8 for further consultation. After the consultation, I was told to go to counter 11 at the nurses' station to wait for my turn to go to room 37 to do a scope check by the throat specialist. I was lucky enough to have the doc came in 15mins' time, just before I went in the room, I realised there have been other patients waiting for more than 1 hr for her. But due to prioirty given to patient with more urgent attention required, I got to go in first.
Doing a scope is no fun at all, the doc will first spray some antiseptic to your nose to numb your nose portion, then insert the "snakey" tube from your nose. You gotta breathe in & out from your nose so that the tube can be inserted more easily. I wasn't aware until the throat specialist doctor had difficulty inserting the tube from my nose down to my throat, then she told me. I was told that if I had accidentally swallow a tablet, it is too small to view from the X-ray but she couldn't trace anything from my throat. It may be true that tablet got stuck but it will get dissolved in a few days' time. Just before I leave the room, she asked me to hold on, she found a very fine visible line in my X-ray and need to do another round scope. Yucks! Another round of of scope check? After the session, I felt my throat with all the bitterness and I kept returning to toilet to spit out the antiseptic that has flowed to my throat.

Back to room 8, the doctor has advised that everything seems fine so I just need to take some medicine to stop the acid that caused me to feel nausea. Went to counter 27 to have my next appointment fixed on 17-Jan and collect medicine at counter 18 and finally ended the process by making payment at counter 26.

I was considered lucky enough to complete my consultation within 2 hrs, I have many patients who came in much earlier than me still seating around waiting for another round of examination.

Seeing some many words, can't visualise? Here's a diagram for your better understanding....


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  1. Hi dear, I am back yesterday night. :) how's is the check-up on 17th Jan? Can msg me or email me. Cya!