Friday, January 4, 2008

Past Week Journal

Just an update of what I've been doing for the past 1 week...

Had a catch up with Robin Khoo & MF at Novena area. Went to 师奶茶餐厅, a HK cafe to have our dinner. I've ordered this 鸳鸯双扒饭with Shanghai sauce and MF ordered this 鸳鸯双式意粉。The food tasted not bad, but the mango juice with Pamelo is sort of disappointing. It can never be compared to those I tasted in HK & Macau.

Went to Crestar Family Day organized by Dor's company. Together with MF, Mei & Dor we had for Sentosa. Original plan is to prepare a birthday surprise for Dajie but too bad, she can't make it... Dor had won a prize but the prize was actually some kiddy story books as the sponsor is the book publisher and what do you expect??? keke :P

Tried the skyride + luge. The luge is quite exciting and we had much fun...

We watched "Song of the Sea" during the evening, it is quite nice.... a combination of laser effects, musical fountain & fireworks. I guess "Ah mah" will probably enjoy it if she were there...

Will upload the photos from my camera later... keke :P

Vomitted when I reached home, I always have this problem when I over ate since back in 1-2 yrs ago. Will vomit if I overload my stomache and, in fact I did!

Head for home after work. Decided to whipped up some simple dishes instead, luckily they are still edible based on the fact that most of "ready" food which need minimal preparation -- leftover roasted pork & chicken fried in dark soy sauce, stir-fried cabbage with carrot, hotdogs dices with baked beans...

Dad found this pair of 3-D specs, which he decided to put on to act as Mr Cool Man... Quite Epic yah? Well, he's actually is indeed a cool man who rarely smile, keke :P

Meifeng is back from Aussie & we had a mini gathering together with Ong Susu. Met up at Aji Teh we actually shared 5 side dishes, 1 fried soba + 3 desserts. Guess we are simply too hungry and busy digging in, thus forgotten to snap the photos of the yummy food we ate, but I've not forgotten the yummy desserts.After that, we went to McDonald's to continue our chit chat session, before we know it, it was already 12am+ so we shared a cab home, by the time we reach Tampines, cab fare was already $20+, in the past, I need not pay more than $17.00. The cab fare hike is really terrible, not only for us passengers, but also for the cab drivers. Eventually the one who benefitted are the shareholders of the cab company...

Back home, I vomitted again, and in fact vomitted BLOOD, but this time round is not so much of over-eating, but rather is not feeling well. Had not been feeling too well since the Sentosa trip, after that day's vomitting, I keep have a feeling that something is stucked in my throat. Since I started to vomit, I tried to cough and all ways to try forcing the "something" out. Probably I tried too hard that my throat got injured and bleeded. True enough, 2 bloody lumpy stuff were vomitted out, wrapped in the blood are some undigested food. But still I have there's some more in my throat, but no matter how hard I tried, it just wont come out. I give up after 1hr+ of trying...

Took half day off today, but ended up leaving at 2pm only. Coz I still have quite a fair bit of undone job and I do not want to stress my backup coz she is just back from her 1 week leave, there bound to be many things to follow up, moreover in the morning, we had a meeting of almost 1hr which actually ate up quite a fair bit of the precious time. Was supposed to accompany a friend to a "doctor" but the friend last minute fly, so decided to go & shop at Bugis. Realised that is a major revamp in BHG, the last time I came, variety is much lesser, at concidentally, I met Angie who is now working as sales assistant for Subway Apparel.

Then I went around Parco Bugis and realised many shops are gone, and replaced by new fashion boutique. Picked up a chinese book from Kinokuniya and soon it's dinner time. Had wanted to go to 题宣小竹for the fried rice and bubble tea. But eventually headed for Mos burger where there is lesser crowd and where I can stay longer to read while taking my dinner.

After dinner, called dad and realised he has yet to eat, so I decided to ta bao the fried rice from题宣小竹. Never did I realised that price is up from the usual $5.00 -> $5.30 -> $5.50. The last time I came, is still $5.00! I will highly recommend to have the fried rice there as ta bao has a much lesser portion , the container isn't even half way filled. Ended up, dad gotta take another pack of instant noodle to fill up his stomach.


  1. How are you feeling now? If not well must really go and see a doctor hor :D Also, msg me the cab fare, I transfer you ok. Cheers!

  2. Glad to know you're slowly picking things up. Good fr U!!! :)