Thursday, January 10, 2008

Merlion Again

Was in the washroom performing the Merlion's stunt for the past 1 hr. Feeling super terrible and lousy... I suspect the bit of stuff that got stuck in my throat has blocked my airway and causes food eaten not digested properly with more got stuck near my my airway. This is probably the reason why for these few days I have been suffering from gastric juice oozing out any moment. This is terrible.

I've tried so hard to vomit out and even try coughing hard, hoping to churn out the bit of stuff, but, eventually after half an hour's struggling, I see no result. And worse of all, I saw blood being vomitted out again...

What happened? If this were to continue, I probably will die soon... If things are not getting any better, I think I will go and consult the doctor, if not, I will probably really die soon. Haiz... why is all these unbelieveable things happening to me?

1 comment:

  1. Throat feeling better now? How's the checkup? Be back next week. Must take care hor. Jia You!