Thursday, January 17, 2008

An Unlucky Day

Time for my medical check up at Changi General Hospital. The doctor asked how I feel, but actually I still feel something stuck in my throat and in fact worse, except that the vomitting has stopped by the medicine. But Iwas told as my throat had swollen much, the doctor is unable to diagnose if there's really something stuck in my throat. So I gotta schedule another appointment 3 weeks later. But that day happens to fall on 7-Feb which is during CNY, so it was rescheduled to 4 weeks later which happens to be Valentine Day - 14/Feb. What a date? Haha...

On my way back, received a sms from Dajie asking how I am after reading my blog. Was thinking to reply her later, however, the clumsy "humpty dumpty" had a great fall... You can see bruises and cut around my palm & knee caps and in fact at my elbows... If not for the jeans, i guess those injuries on my knee cap will be worse. And I actually sprain my left thumb, how ridiculous it is?

Can this be considered as law of attraction? The bad things simply come after one another... lol...

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