Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Crop session by Scrappin Kids - 12-Jan-08

Was invited by Liza to join the crop session by Scrappin Kids. This group targetted participants are actually mothers, however, the crop session is open to Singles as well.

The crop is session is held at Savannah Condo Park in Simei Area. It was actually around the corner from Melville Park and all I need to do, is walk in a bit further. However, the security guard actually direct me all the way all to PIE. Yes, your eyes are not playing trick on you, I actually ended up spent almost 1hr walking around Simei PIE, tired & thirsty that I almost gave up. You must have asked why never check street directory, the problem is, internet connection has problem and I try accessing via GPRS but have difficulty zooming so can't see the direction clearly.

I should arrived on time, and in fact, earlier; but with the stupid extra walking journey, I was late for near 1hr. If not Wati called to inform that Yati is still on her way, I would want to go home instead.

Luckily I made my way to the crop session. I finally get to meet Liza whom I liaise virtually before but never met before, and make new friends, and best of all, learnt new card making skills. Not only that, I even get to try the yummy cupcake by Deedah. Not only does it taste nice, it is also very yummy for the eyes. Look at the variety of colours & designs, are you drooling now?

As I was late, I did not get to make an altered name tag for a partner. Instead, I got one from Leena. Love the way she put the blings on the AC thickers Alpha.

Then, I managed to learn to make the tag card from groovie Lia. Lovely use of the dolly paper... Like the combination of using stamping, inking, layering and ribbons on the card.

Then time for Bingo game, our team managed to score the highest and both my partner & I get to win 2 single AL flower stamps each. Followed by that is the challenge. We are suppose to use the sketch by Lia for our layout. Below is Lia's masterpiece to showcase as a reference.

And here is my take. Journal reads: This hand made gift from you is more previous than any other. I wasn't too satisfied with the journaling, will reconsider to do a new journal instead.

Sort of realised & regret my insensitivity to the muslim participants whom makes up the major ethnic group that day, for scrapping the piggy layout, but luckily they are very open minded and did not get offended, instead they marvel over the cuteness of the piggy.

Of course I did not win the challenge as compared to the rest, my layout is much more simpler with minimial of techniques used. But I do enjoy myself and quite happy that I finally scrap and complete one layout :)

We end the session with taking group photos and I look forward to the next crop session. Tired (because of the 1hr walking) but super happy for the day as I've achieved much - a tag card & a 6"x6" LO. Lol, this is how a lazy scrapper get excited over a mini LO done.

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