Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Youth Expedition Project (Project Mettaheart Laos 08)

Just received an email from Volunteer Resource Network (VRN) recruiting volunteers to Laos. I would very much like to go if given the chance... I think this will give a greater meaning in life...
However, this opportunity does not seem to come at the right timing for me, coz I have a more important agenda to attend to, at this moment. I hope I'll be able to participate in similar activities soon.

Do not mistaken that I wanted to join this expedition is to escape from what I'm going through right now, bcoz I know I will need to face the harsh reality be it willing or not. Whatever I'm going through may be misery for me, but what is my misery compared to these unfortunate ones in the 3rd world countries?

I just feel like doing a part, to contribute a little of what I can, and adding some love and colours to the world.

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