Thursday, December 20, 2007

Webmail Access

Some friends tell me, it's best that you do not have access to your company ERP system or webmail, else you will tend to work at home and ended up, weekend or public holiday isn't spent relaxing but more taxing...

I know to a certain extend, it is true... but imagine if i do not have the co webmail access? Tomorrow when I open my email, I will see 195 emails in my inbox!!! Or maybe more, coz there will be somemore on the way later of the day afterall we are dealing with people from US as well. Although most of them do not need action from me as our company has group email and so I'm always in the loop of most emails, but it will take me at least half an hour to just go through the emails and filter those that need me to action on.

So, I wouldn't say that it is a blessing not having access to co webmail. Basically, I'm unable to reply those emails coz I do not have the access to the co ERP system. But, at least tomorrow morning, I won't be stressed by the many emails in my mailbox... Thank God!

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