Saturday, December 15, 2007

Survival Test

Have been having restless nights for the past few weeks, after 2-4hrs of sleep, I will just wake up and no matter how hard I tried to get back to sleep, I can't, even though I'm very tired. Is this considered insonmia?

I'm having difficulty in concentrating on my work becoz of severely lack of sleep and this is real bad... I hate to have my work affected by personal issues, becoz I always believed that one should be professional enough to put aside personal issues from work. Just like the last time, I rather rush between work and hospital to take care of my mom, trying to minimise work disruption, be it how tired I am. But, I do not know how to tune back my biology clock!!!

I finally managed to sleep for 7hrs last night, I guess I was really worn out by the many issues that is happening around me - relationship, family, work or health. So, for once, my biology clock decide to give in...

Is this heaven's will to put me through a survival test to have all the bad things coming to me at the same time? I should think so...

It's really tough, and I'm really torn apart. I know I need to be strong, no matter how vulnerable I am, coz I know, I need to be the one putting things back in place for the family to survive through this crisis.

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