Sunday, December 30, 2007

Mysterious Note Pad...

Received a mysterious Note pad in our mailbox recently. It was nicely gift wrapped but no attention party indicated. As there are 2 gals at home, we had no idea who the gift is meant for, my sis or me? My sister have been asking around and apparently, not from her friends. I find the hand writing very familiar but I wasn't too sure if the sender is... and to play safe, I dare not use the note pad as well. So, if you happened to be the sender, pls kindly drop me a note, else the note pad may end up lying around collecting dust for both my sis and I dare not use it as we have not idea who is the actual intended recipient.

Will post the photo of the note pad later...

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  1. Err...oops...I think I am that blur one...pai sei...pai sei... :P