Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Little Encouragement

Today, while OT-ing, my sales told me something that gives me a bit of encouragement. Working here has been rather stressful for me as I'm simply racing for time and most times do not have chance to breathe...

He told me that a few customers of one of my major accounts has given good comment on my work performance. This has been encouraging esp the feedback is from one of the more difficult to deal with customer.

With this, I hope it motivates me to try a bit harder to adapt to this working environment. It is supposed to be a cozy small office but somehow, the atmosphere is always filled with a sense of stringence and the place is seemed to be strictly a "work place". I guess this is the reason of seeing new comers just come and go in less than 3 months, and some, as short as a week.

I usually have no difficulty in adapting to new environment, 1-2 months is all I need at most. But now, here I am in the new co, for almost 4 months, there's still "something" that I do not like about the place which I am not able to describe. Hmm... just try my best bah, I'll give myself another few more months' time to adapt to this place, if not, I probably need to take a long break and seriously consider what i want in life...

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