Friday, November 2, 2007

Negative? Or Not?

Someone asked, " I do not understand why you only keep complaining and never come up with any solution to resolve it..."

Yes, indeed! Instead of finding the appropriate solution or an innovative solution which the someone suggested, I only lamented on what should have been done earlier to avoid this problem. But I'm totally stunned by this question that why I never come up with the solution. Probably I'm just not so creative or innovative to think of what the someone suggested, but it is true that it had really never come across my mind. So to answer to someone's question, I replied that I simply have no common sense to have ever thought of such solution...

However, that someone got offended and rebutted that I'm being too negative. But it really NEVER EVER come across my mind and if you wonder why I never think of it, my only reply is that I simply have no common sense... is it wrong to say this? Since you wonder why I never thought of such simple solution - deep down in your heart, I'm simply a fool with no common sense. I sounded negative because I'm very unwillingly admitting myself as a fool who can't come up with such easy solution as suggested by you.

I sounded negative because I'm very unhappy that I'm a fool, not because I wanna act negative towards you, pls do not mix two matters together!!!

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