Saturday, November 3, 2007

Jay Chou World Tour 2008 Concert

Hmm... have not been listening to radio and by the time I realised that Jay ChouWorld Tour 2008 concert tickets on 19th Jan 2008 have been released for sales, basically all have been wiped out except for a few single seats.

The additional concert is set at an earlier day on 18th Jan 2008, but is now only open for sale to OCBC priority credit card holders and will be released for sale to Public after 5th Nov :(
Surf the net and realised that there have been people selling a pair of 1st row tickets worth $400 at $800, and today while reading the blog of one pretty gal whom I know got a Kuku who willing to pay for the tickets. Envy...

Today I surf the net and realised someone else is selling at $1000 for a pair of 1st row tickets. I suspect this person who is selling the tickets must be some inside staff, either of Jay Chou's Singing Co, or Sistic, Sponsor, or the event organizing company, else she wouldn't have managed to get some many of first row concert tickets with good veiws coz usually these seats are specially reserved for the VIP guests/sponsors.

I would jolly love to get the front row tickets, but paying $1000 is definitely not worth, I rather you give me $400 to pay for the tickets and give me the balance in cash.

Anyway I went to his last concert and was seating in the fifth row, managed to see him clear enough to see his droplets of sweat. And I ever seen him in his very shy look under the cap when he first joined the singing scene, I believe all these experience is more than enough to fill up my memories, these are something that $$$ cannot buy over hahaha...

I think I shall give it a miss this time round as I have other plans to put my $$$ into better use :P

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