Monday, October 29, 2007

A Busy Weekend

Have been busy doing backup for my laptop, packing my room during the last weekend... It was sure tired... While packing, then I realised I have been holding so much scrapbooking stash; apparently, I'm buying faster than I scrap. This is sure a bad sign, so I decided to post some of extra PPs for sale in TSL, but seems like they are not moving. Think I just gotta pray hard and stop purchasing until I've utilised half of what I owned.

And this is not all, I've just finished my tabulation of work data, hope I can clear my backlog by tomorrow and go off early for the day. The thought of going back to work on the next day dreads me.

What happened? Had I started to develop work phobia? Since 4/5 months ago, I've been facing the same problem; even if I woke up in time, I drag till the very last min to leave home and ended up late for work, but after being late for several times, I feel sort of embarrassed and turn to cab driver for help. I thought by changing the environment will helps, but seems like things aren't getting better... I asked myself what do I want? But I simply can't seem to find the answer. What should I do???

1 comment:

  1. Remember you told me this some time back: you urself know the answer....

    Don't be discourage.. jia you