Thursday, December 18, 2014

[Song of The Day] 《走了》 by Candy Ice 林冰冰



詞: MJ Chew / 周明駿
曲 : Kido Lee / 多吉
主唱 : Candy Ice 林冰冰

枯葉 飄落 眼淚 流過 空氣 稀薄 隱藏 寂寞 燈光 微弱 月下 的我 沉默
你曾 說過 愛我 愛我 我曾 聽過 不再 失落 魚兒 閃躲 藍色 湖泊 沉沒
風吹了 愛走過 缺了什麼 遺失在角落 人群中 心卻很空 回頭你在我身後那時候 時鐘 依然轉動
熟悉的煙味殘留房間 回憶漂泊在耳邊 風吹了 愛走過 缺了什麼 遺失在角落 人群中 心卻很空 回頭你在我身後 那時候 咖啡 依然很濃


Monday, December 15, 2014

Have a Merry Christmas with Fruit Tree Fresh Christmas Jingle Box

Woohoo, it's the season of the year again, and Christmas is just around. While cracking your brain on the perfect gifts for your family, friends and loved ones; most of us probably forgotten that the best gift comes right from the bottom of one's heart. Nothing beats a heart felt message.

This Christmas, F&N Fruit Tree Fresh gives everyone the reason to feel all warm and fuzzy inside with the F&N Fruit Tree Fresh Christmas Jingle Box mobile application which helps send a personalized message accompanied by a classic Christmas jingle  – for FREE!

Now you can spread the love and send a personalized message to your friends, family and loved ones accompanied by a classic Christmas jingle just in a few simple steps!

  1. Download ‘Fruit Tree Fresh Christmas Jingle Box’ on iTunes (  or Google Play Store (
  2. Start the application and begin by writing your personalized Christmas greeting.
  3. Pick a song from the list of five popular Christmas tunes or create your own jingle.
  4. Tap on the glowing F&N Musical Fruit Buddies to play the tune and simultaneously record your voice message
  5. Once the Christmas song is played, the personalized message will be saved into your mobile device. 
  6. Send these message to your loved ones via any instant messaging application.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Celebrate Christmas with 50% off All Domino's Pizzas

December is always a busy month with Christmas approaching.  It is also the time of the year where many had gatherings, or company having appreciation parties.  Last week we had a Domino's Pizza Christmas Celebration Cum Year-end Appreciation Party‏‎ where we get together to eat, play games, and have tons of fun.


To show their appreciation to their loyal customers, Domino's is having 50% off all pizzas from 1st December 2014 to 11th January 2015**. So what better time to call for a gathering with your families and friends with this great promotion, where you get to enjoy more at a lower value!!! Hesitate no more and make your way to Domino's Pizza!

**However, do note that this promotion is only available for Take-Away or Dine-In only. Surcharge shall applies for Cheese Burst, Cheesy Crust, Classics, First Class pizza and Cheese sauce upgrade.

For more promotions and latest updates, visit Domino's Pizza Facebook page ( and Instagram (@DominosSG)


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