Monday, November 24, 2014

[Movie Review] Don't Go Breaking My Heart 2 單身男女2

Don't Go Breaking My Heart 2 Synopsis:
Seemingly to be a fairytale ending of 1st sequel of "DON’T GO BREAKING MY HEART" -- “Earthling” Cheung Shen Ren (Louis Koo) loses Cheng Zixin (Gao Yuanyuan) to the “Martian” Fang Qihong (Daniel Wu) and decides to keep it cool and reverts to singlehood graciously, while Cheng and Fang live happily ever after…… however, the three of them got entangled in an even more complicated relationship in the 2nd sequel.
     After jilted by Cheng, Cheung starts dating “Goddess of Stocks” Yang Yang Yang (Miriam Yeung), who works in an opposite building. Yang has been turning a blind eye to Cheung’s philandering until she meets Paul (Vic Chou), a romantic returnee from France whose devotion has melted her heart.
     Afraid to lose his lover again, Cheung determines to settle down and marry Yang, but fate works in mysterious ways. It turns out that Cheng’s wedding with Fang has been delayed and she is now directly working under Yang. A chance encounter with Cheng again makes Cheung question his decision, because even though he appears to have emerged unscathed from their previous relationship, he was profoundly hurt and still hasn’t fully recovered.
Paul is in love with Yang; Yang has accepted Cheung’s proposal; Cheung is unable to get Cheng off his mind; and Cheng is about to marry Fang. A quadrangular relationship among five people – who is really the love of their life?


Movie Trailer:

Directed by 導演: Johnnie To 杜琪峯
Starring 主演: Louis Koo 古天樂, Miriam Yeung 楊千嬅, Gao Yuanyuan 高圓圓, Vic Chou 周渝民, Daniel Wu 吳彥祖

Movie Review:
The movie is the 2nd sequel of the movie, you are still able to catch up what has happened to the 1st sequel with many flash back through out the movie.  The BGR simply got more complicated with the quadrangular relationship among Cheung Shen Ren (Louis Koo), Cheng Zixin (Gao Yuanyuan), Fang Qihong (Daniel Wu), Yang Yang Yang (Miriam Yeung),  and Paul (Vic Chou).
     The creativity of using sticky notes passing message across the 2 glass buildings' windows is contined here and it is really funny seeing message put across to the wrong person, cracking some "jokes".  "Paul the octopus", made its "unexpected cameo appearance" in the movie as Genie the octopus, which I think, is a highlight of the movie. Somehow, it is an important connection to the various characters of the film.
     While many questioned, is it really necessary for the 2nd sequel since the 1st one has the pefect ending, I bet to be different.  We all knew that Cheng accepted Fang proposal as she can't accept the flirty nature of Cheung.  But is Fang really her true love?  Or did she decide to be loved instead of loving? Having a second chance to pick, who will Cheng choose?
     Frankly speaking, most of them who catch the movie do not like the ending, I secretly hope the ending to be otherwise too, but I do understand the rationale of the ending somehow, as I felt that there are some underlying messages. In life, there is always a tendency to struggle between the perceptual and the rational.  But in a love relationship, we sometimes need to follow our heart, not our mind.  We always have expectation of our loved one, however, do we expect him/her to change for us or should we change our expectation and accept who he/she is?  Love, is never a simple affair...



Saturday, November 22, 2014

Skechers Sundown Festival 2014 Press Conference

The iconic music Festival, Sundown Festival, is back in its sixth year, with a line up of both local and regional artistes from 11 countries! 
Apart from enjoying a good mix of music from the various countries, fans also get to relish popular street food from the different Asian countries food stalls set-up on the festival grounds.

The programme line-up will be as below:

Attended the Skechers Sundown Festival 2014 press conference, with majority of the performing artistes making their appearance and autgraphed on the Skechers Sundown Festival T-shirt which will be available for sale at the Festival.

Hip hop artist, songwriter and music producer - ShiGGa Shay

CROSS GENE from Korea

Japan Piano Rock  Band  - WEAVER

Japan Piano Rock Band, WEAVER shared their journey to London to pick up English, music and culture from the land of Great Britain!

Regina Lin (林琳) from China
Multilingual China DJ, Regina is well versed in English, Mandarin, as well as Cantonese.

Girls Group - S.O.S from Indonesia

Kanika Kapoor from India
It is hard to believe the Kanika Kapoor is a mother of three!

PUPIL featuring Ely Buendia from Philippines

Kate Tsui (徐子珊) from Hong Kong
Hong Kong Actress, Kate Tsui is way too hot, the temperature of the conference turns too high the moment she stepped in.

Olivia Ong 王儷婷 from Singapore
Homegrown song bird, Olivia Ong shared that after being away from home for almost 10 years, she planned to return Singapore to have more times with her family and local fans.

Chang Chen Yue 張震嶽 aka Ayal Komod 海雅.谷慕 from Taiwan

When questioned if the rumour that "I Am Ayal Komod" may be the last album of Chang Chen Yue, he did not give a definite answer, but rather, mentioned that may be looking at becoming an independent artiste to share his music online instead in the future.

Other performing artistes include:
Jeremy Teng 丁文淞 (Singapore)
Shila Amazh (Malaysia)
BIG ASS (Thailand)
James Yang 楊永聰 (Taiwan)
Skechers Sundown Festival 2014CAT 1 : $138 | CAT 2 : $118
Date : 22.NOV.2014
Venue : Marina Promenade, F1 Pit Area
   (Next to Singapore Flyer)
Time : 4:00PM - 11:00PMTickets available here.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Meadow Gold Indulgence Collection - A Truly Indulgence

Meadow Gold has recently launched four luxurious new flavours: Bold Chocolate Decadence, Delectable Caramel Pecan, Heavenly Macadamia and Lush Red Velvet which ice cream connoisseurs can now make indulgence as part of their everyday lifestyle.

Bold Chocolate Decadence
Chocolate lovers will find the full-bodied chocolate creation deliciously sinful yet irresistible. Indulge in the chocolate ice-cream with loads of chocolate fudge and chunks, each mouthful gives one great satisfaction!

Delectable Caramel Pecan
Enjoy the sheer pleasure of pecans and caramel ripple swirled in luxurious silky-sweet vanilla ice cream. The Meadow Gold Delectable Caramel Pecan will prove to be great love to those with a sweet tooth.

Heavenly Macadamia
With roasted macadamia nuts in the silky vanilla dairy ice cream, the ice cream tasted both smooth and crunchy.  This is definitely the taste of heaven for the typical nut lovers!

Lush Red Velvet
A spin of the highly popular dessert, the Lush Red Velvet had tantalising marshmallows swathed in red velvety chocolate ice cream, which the marshmallows gives a chewy texture, providing a different  set of experience from the other flavours.

The four delectable new flavours of The Meadow Gold Indulgence Collection, are each presented in a sleek 750ml tub, priced at S$9.90.  They are available for purchase in all leading supermarkets and convenience stores.
I had the previlege to try all four flavours, with much thanks to Meadow Gold.  My favourite is definitely the Bold Chocolate Decadence!  Chocolate is an all time favourite for me, I love the fact, that despite being rich in taste, with added chocolate fudge and chocolate chunks, it is not sugar overloaded. The Heavenly Macadamia is another hot favourite among the family as the roasted macadamia is aromatic and spice up the generally "plain" vanilla ice cream.  Basically, what I love best about the Indugence Collection, is that they are of moderate sweetness thus the health consicous ones can indulge without much worries...


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