Tuesday, April 19, 2016

New Artisan "Treasures" by Gryphon Tea Company

Quench your palette with an assortment of 10 different tea variants in Gryphon Tea New Artisan Treasures which will be retailing at S$18.50 (excluding GST), exclusively on Gryphon Tea Company website. A box of Gryphon Treasures impresses with its 20 delicate silken sachets  with two sachets of each variant from the best-selling Artisan Selection.

Gryphon Treasures is definitely the “Treasure” , perfect for individuals who love to explore a variety of tea flavours or crave a different brew each day,. Each box consists of 10 diverse flavours, two variants for each tea type: black, green, white, oolong and rooibos teas.  Enjoy a selection of tea blends ranging from Straits Chai, Contessa Grey, Marrakesh Mint, Osmanthus Sencha, White Gingerlily, Nymph of the Nile, Lily of the Field, Templetree Lotus, Mogambo and Tomatino.

Gryphon Tea New Artisan Treasures can be purchased from Gryphon Tea Official Website  For any enquiries, you may contact the Gryphon Tea office at (65) 6779 2948.

To check on latest launch and promotions, visit Gryphon Tea Company Facebook Page.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

[Media Tasting] Tea Valley @ Downtown East, Pasir Ris

The first thought that come across one's mind when mentioned Tea Valley, it must be a place for tea drinking.

True Enough, Tea Valley first started out as a tea drinking outlet @ Downtown East.  However, it is now a family-friendly restaurant chain that offers Taiwanese cuisine based on age-old recipes, offering authentic Taiwanese dishes, steamboats, finger foods and tea at affordable pricing. Beside Downtown East, Tea Valley also has branches at POMO, Chevron House and The Central.  One new branch will be opening at Tiong Bahru Plaza soon this April.

Recently was invited to the Tea Valley @ Downtown East along with Meryl for a media tasting where we get to enjoy some of their Taiwanese delights.

Cripsy Salted Chicken got to be the hot favourite among all.  Crispy on the crust while retaining the juiciness of the flavoursome chicken meat. The savory taste is well balanced without one feeling thirsty after eating. One piece after another, this is simply addictive!

Fried Enoki Mushroom is another of my personal favourite as I always love eating Enoki mushroom. lightly battered and fried to crispy, this crunchy snack is super addictive! I can have a whole plate on my own!

Deep Fried Cuttlefish is another favourite among all, as unlike those that we eat elsewhere which tends to have a heavy batter, we get to taste the cuttlefish.

The Sesame Chicken is mouthwatering to most of us. The flavourful broth of sesame oil and ginger makes this dish a delectable one, especially when the chicken pieces are so tender. However, I personally would love a more distinctive taste of Sesame oil.

The Hot and Sour Noodle does not disappoint, however, I will prefer mine with more sourness and a little more spice.

Mini Seafood Steamboat (Teriyaki Chicken - optional). The mini seafood steamboat is currently available at the Downtown East branch only. With a good mixed of seafood and vegetables & corn, the soup has a pleasing sweet taste that is so full-flavoured!  You can choose to add on with the Terriyaki Chicken that is palatable to make your meal even more complete.

Having stepped into Tea Valley, one of course should not miss out trying their teas, they have a variety of teas, but it hot and cold, and we have tried a couple of them.

Hot Rose Honey Tea, served in a mini glasspot, let you enjoy the beautiful sight of the rose buds in the pot while enjoying your tea.  I believe most are familiar with the benefits of honey, but how about rose tea? Rose tea, packed with vitamin C and antioxidants, is best when your body needs a boost. It also helps to reduce menstrual pain, improves skin and hair conditions, boosts immune system, acts as remedy for sore throat, improves digestion, aids weight loss and also relieve one from stress & anxiety.

Jasmine Passion Tea with white pearls, passion fruit is my all time favourite and I love the subtle sweetness with the aromatic passion fruit pulp and Jasmine Tea.

Honey Lemon Tea with white pearls of zesty taste is refreshing and goes well with the fried Taiwanese snacks!

Jasmine Milk Tea with white pearls is of a slight different rendition of what you usually taste elsewhere. There is less milk content, so it may not be your cup of milk tea if you love your milk tea real milky.  However, if you are one who really enjoy drinking the tea itself, then this is the one that you get to enjoy the aroma of the Jasmine tea, with the taste lingers around each sip you take.

For more information and latest promotions, visit:

Tea Valley Outlets

Downtown East
Address: 1 Pasir Ris Close #01-05A Downtown East, Singapore, Singapore 519599.
Phone: 65833055.
Opening hours as follow:
11am-10pm (Mon-Sun)

Address: 1 Selegie Road, #01-26 Pomo Singapore, Singapore – 188306 
Phone: 63371598.
Opening hours as follow:
10am – 9.30pm (Mon-Sun) except PH.

Chevron House
Address: 30 Raffles Place #B1-04 Chevron House Singapore 048622.
Phone: 65335355.
Opening hours as follow:
10am – 8pm (Mon-Fri) except PH.

The Central
Address: 6 Eu Tong Sen Street #B1-47 The Central Singapore 059817
Phone: 62213835.
Opening hours as follow:
11am – 10pm (Mon-Sun)

Tiong Bahru Plaza (Coming Soon April 2016)
Address: 298 Tiong Bahru Road #02-110 Tiong Bahru Plaza Singapore 168732.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Sleepless in April @ THRILL TV Channel

It's the time of the year where the Qing Ming Festival is here, a time to pray / reminisce the loved ones who have deceased.  It's also a time to call for the supernatural / thriller movies!

THRILL, Asia's first and only movie channel dedicated 24/7 to the widely popular horror, thriller and suspense genres movies from Asia and Hollywood.  THRILL is also coming up a "Sleepless in April" theme, featuring below 4 movies on Qing Ming Festival itself.

The Devil Inside Me 夺命心跳 – 2:

Year of Release: 2011
Director: 张琦 (Zhang Qi)

梁家辉 (Tong Leung) as 蒋牧 (Jiang Mu)
林熙蕾 (Kelly Lin) as 林嫣 (Lin Yan)
安雅 (An ya) as 江北燕 (Jiang Beiyan)
黄维德 (Victor Huang) as 马本科 (Ma Benke)

A horror/thriller movie that follows main protagonist Lin Yan, who gets a heart transplant but starts experiencing flashbacks and visions from the heart donor. She starts to investigate these harrowing visions and finds that her surgeon is not all he seems to be.

Dairy 妄想 – 4:00PM

Year of Release: 2006
Directed by: 彭顺 Oxide Pang

蔡卓妍 (Charlene Choi Cheuk-yin) as 梁咏娜 (Winnie Leung)  & 何丽仪 (Yvonne Ho)
余文樂 (Shawn Yue) as 刘成坤 (Seth Lau) &  范伟豪 (Ray)

In this psychological thriller find out about the secrets of Winnie Leung's, a ordinary perfume counter girl with a dark secret hidden within her Diary.

The Deserted Inn 荒村客栈 – 5:45PM

Year of release: 2008
Director: Jiang Zhang

关智斌 (Kenny Kwan)  as 孟凡 (Meng Fan)
何美钿(He Mei Tian) As 何盈 (He Ying)
张檬 (Zhang Meng) as欧阳小枝  (Ou Yang Xiaozhi)
罗家英 (Law Kar-Ying) as 冯老板 (Boss Feng)
薛山 (Xue Shan) as 欧阳 (Ou Yang)

A music composer travels to a deserted inn looking for solace to revive his dying career. While he was there, he begins to see visions that drive him insane but he also discovers that the innkeeper is hiding a dark secret.

Nightmare 青魘 – 7:30PM 

Year of Release: 2012
Director: Herman Yau

薛凯琪 (Fiona Sit) as 伊凡 (Yi Fan)
黄轩 (Huang Xuan) as 郝冬 (Hao Dong)
周楚楚 (Zhou Chuchu) as 骆晓月 (Luo Xiao Yue)

A man suffering from insomnia witnesses a murder one night but he cannot recall details of that night as he begins to mix his dreams with reality. With help from his girlfriend and hypnotherapy, he begins to vividly recount events which exposes a series of mysteries which they chase after.

THRILL Channel is available in Singapore on:
mio TV, Channel 415, and 
Starhub, Channel 618.

To keep up with the latest upcoming thriller movies, visit:

Images Credit: THRILL


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